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Updated: Apr 28, 2021


I am Mauricio Toro, CEO of TECHFIT Digital Surgery. For a while, I have been working in the medical device industry and particularly the Bone Fixation industry in Colombia for Industrias Médicas Sampedro. While in Sampedro we created TECHFIT, a brand that we use to sell custom solutions. We start from a CT, reconstruct it into a digital model and use that to plan the surgeries with the surgeon. We can then use a 3D printer to create accurate anatomic models that can aid the planning. Once the planning is complete, traditional machining and 3D printing are used to create instruments and implants that are completely custom to the case as required.

The workflow is better described in this video.


We started operating one patient in Colombia in 2010, that same year we operated on the second one. The following year we operated on 11 patients and now 8 years later, our solutions are being used on nearly 400 patients every year in 9 countries around the globe.

All of this has allowed to see the incredible potential that digital technologies like 3D printing have on the surgery experience for the patients, the surgeons and all involved. This is why we decided to create TECHFIT Digital Surgery inc in Daytona. A spin-off company that has the goal of making sure more and more people around the globe can have these digital technologies to improve their outcomes by improving the cost-effectiveness of the treatments and reducing the response time. The journey has been fascinating from the technological standpoint and what’s coming is even more interesting.

This is why I want to start this blog, to share interesting cases, new developments, and other news on how the Digital World is affecting surgery and healthcare.

Join us in our journey to make custom the new standard.

With great appreciation for your reading,

Mauricio Toro

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