Spanish Digital Surgery Symposium

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

On September 19th and 20th 2019 the city of Alicante in Spain was host to the first Spanish Digital Surgery Symposium. In this symposium more than 70 attendees including surgeons, regulator and engineers had a very constructive and productive discussion around the technologies that were enabling the future of surgery to take place and how to implement it and make it cost effective in a public sanitary environment like the Spanish one.

On the first panel we heard from two surgeons one of whom was Dr Juan Angel Fernandez, a general surgeon who was sharing his 10 case experience resecting massive sarcomas on the pelvic and retroperitoneal region and how using 3D printed anatomic models of the tumors has allowed him and his team to better plan the surgical approaches and patient positions as well as to significantly reduce surgical time by identifying the anatomic structures close to the resection and helping better navigate in the patient’s anatomy. The second Surgeon was Dr De Miguel, a Neurosurgeon who showed his use of 3D printed surgical guides and PEEK patient specific implants that allow for resection and reconstruction in one step for cranial tumors.

The next panel was focused on the engineering and research aspect of Digital Surgery, Dr Redondo from Valladolid showed his incredible research on stem cell therapy for bone reconstruction and his future work on biomimetic materials. Dr Daniel Ruiz Fernandez, program manager for Biomedical Engineering in the University of Alicante shared his work with AI and his insights on how the future Biomedical Engineers will look like. Finally, Techfit Digital Surgery CEO Mauricio Toro shared his view on the future of technology in the OR and how it will affect every step of our surgical process.

On the second day we had Dr John Jairo Osorio, who shared his teams extensive experience in the reconstruction of maxillofacial oncologic patients using several different techniques, all enabled and improved by the use of 3D printed models, virtual planning and custom implants and instruments. Dr Alejandro Leon, showed us his use of 3D printed models and 3D segmentation and analysis and how it improved his decision making in a complex acetabular reconstruction patient.

The final module led by Lucas Diez and Juan Saussol focused on IT and how it, and mobile technologies will affect and streamline the surgical workflow as well as the communication between the interdisciplinary team that is now involved in patient care.

The number of disciplines represented and the level of the discussion and cases presented serve as evidence that there is more and more evidence to support these technologies and their cost effectiveness in the surgical practice. If you add to this amount of new ideas and potential projects that came out of this event we think the future looks very promising for Digital Surgery.

Dr Juan Angel Fernandez and Mauricio Toro will be keynote speakers at the 5th Global Digital Surgery Symposium that will take place in Lake Nona (Orlando) Florida on the coming 11th and 12th of October. Be sure to follow Techfit Digital Surgery’s social media as the conferences will be streamed live for no cost. For more information on this event visit

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