The time has come!

This coming Friday and Saturday Oct 11th and 12th, the 5th Global Digital Surgery Meeting will take place in the Guidewell Innovation Core in Lake Nona Medical City in Orlando Florida. We will have about 100 guests from across the globe from all related backgrounds like Medical, Engineering, Research, Business, Regulatory, Education. This plurality will allow for a very rich discussion around the world of technology and how it will affect surgery. The speakers that have been carefully vetted by the academic committee and are expected to spark interesting discussions around not only the benefits of digital technologies but also the challenges that are faced for adoption, the regulatory pathways and the clinical challenges.

In order to further build the digital community around this topic, the people who won’t be able to make the event can follow our social media coverage and live streams as well as future posts of the talks. Healtchare is prime for disruption, be part of the community that will change it and drastically improve surgical outcomes and patient safety, giving people a new chance for a better life.

For more information visit the event website or contact me at

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