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Highly complex maxilofacial reconstructi

Highly complex maxilofacial reconstruction for oncologic patient

Reconstruction of a patient with multiple maxillofacial injuries caused by ossifying fibroma. Finite Element Analysis is performed to validate the mechanical strength of the implants.

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Treatment of maxillary defects using custom-made implants with vascularized fibula flap

The treatment of maxillary tumors involves a great challenge especially when it comes to restoring the patient’s quality of life. 


The Quest for accurate Patient-Specific guides for Distal Radius osteotomy surgery

The accuracy of patient-specific guides was evaluated by a comparison between 3D planned correction and using the traditional technique.

Mandible reconstruction.PNG

Bone Flap reconstruction of mandibular defects after oncologist resection in the IDC, Medellin

The restoration of mandibular bone defects after cancer can be facilitated by computer-assisted preoperative planning. 

Mandibular Reconstruction Using Free Mic

Mandibular Reconstruction using Free Microvascularized Fibula Flap

Craniofacial tumor resection is one of the procedures in maxillofacial surgery that demand some skills for achieve stability, function and esthetics.

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