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At TECHFIT we are glad to invite you to participate in exhibits, webinars, displays & presentations about patient specific implants, digital surgery and medical education.


Together we will make custom the new standard


Upcoming Events

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Education Channel

Virtual | Always Available

Join us to learn about the design process and its impact on medicine.

from TECHFIT Digital Surgery Experience, making custom the new standard.

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POC 3D printing

Webinar - 3D printing at POC

 Online | November 24th

Are you interested in having a 3D printing in your POC? 

Do not miss this opportunity to learn the steps and how TECHFIT Digital  Surgery will make your process easier . Do not miss the first webinar in Latin America. 

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Implant Design being tested by Finite Element Analysis

Virtual course: Engineering concepts for residents - Spanish

Virtual course | Module 1

TMJ custom-made prosthesis as presented during Webinar

Webinar: TMJ digital surgery planning - Spanish


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Symposium: Maxillofacial Digital surgery 

Live event - Youtube

Biomedical Engineer working on a 3D printing machine

Virtual course: 3D printing in medicine - Spanish

Virtual course | Module 2

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