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At TECHFIT we are glad to invite you to participate in exhibits, webinars, displays & presentations about patient specific implants, digital surgery and medical education. Together we will make custom the new standard

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Join us to learn about the design process and its impact on medicine.

from TECHFIT Digital Surgery Experience, making custom the new standard.

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7th Annual Global Digital Surgery Meeting

Virtual | October 8th, 2021

Join us to learn about how technology is disrupting the healthcare industry! Healthcare professionals, researchers, and engineering professionals share their experiences on how combining technology and healthcare are proving for better outcomes for their patients.


Medica 2021

Dusserdolf, Germany | Nov 15-18th, 2021

MEDICA 2021– Top in all medical areas

We are bringing to medica the most recent cases using 3D printing in medicine, custom implants, virtual reality for digital surgical planning

The world of medicine meets at MEDICA 2021. A must for anyone who wants to experience tomorrow’s healthcare market live.

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Implant Design being tested by Finite Element Analysis

Virtual course: Engineering concepts for residents - Spanish

Virtual course | Module 1

TMJ custom-made prosthesis as presented during Webinar

Webinar: TMJ digital surgery planning - Spanish


Biomedical Engineer working on a 3D printing machine

Virtual course: 3D printing in medicine - Spanish

Virtual course | Module 2

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