Medical Education

Uses and Generalities:

3D printed models of your 
patient’s anatomy to have for demonstration purposes.


This solution allows the patient to see their anatomy and understand the procedure that they will undergo. ​


With this knowledge, the patient will be able to ask the surgeon specific questions about their procedure and not have any doubts about what will happen.

The Process

Step 1:

Imaging of patient

The patient has CT or MRI scans taken at the request of the physician. 

Step 2:

Model Creation

The scans provided by the physician are used to create models in Computer-aided software of the patient's anatomy. The models are then converted to a format the 3D printer will be able to read. 

Step 3:

Model Printing

Once the models are created, they can be inputted into the 3D printer to physically print the models. The completed models will go through post-processing to ensure that the model is accurate to the patient's anatomy.

Step 4:

Patient Education

The models can now be used to educate the patient on the procedure that will take place. Seeing the model in hand will allow them to see exactly what is happening and ask the questions they need to have peace of mind. 

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