Cranial and Facial cases


Orthopedic cases




This solution includes the correction of large, medium and small defects that are tailored to the patient's anatomy. This solution is used in trauma and oncologic cases. 

*FDA Approval Pending

Medical Education

3D printed anatomical models of your patient will be useful for demonstration and training purposes. This solution allows the patient to see their anatomy and understand the procedure that they will undergo. 

With this knowledge, the patient will be able to ask the surgeon specific questions about their procedure and not have any doubts about what will happen.



The recommended solutions for corrective large, medium and small skull defects, independently of its etiology. 

Implant materials: Polyeteretercetone (PEEK), Titanium (Printed, machined and permolded) and Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA).

*FDA Approval Pending

*Not FDA Approved yet

*Not FDA Approved yet

*Not FDA Approved yet


This recommended solution for reconstructive surgery like the correction of defects of the Temporomandibular Joint (ATM), post-free flap reconstruction, Condylar Reabsorb, Avascular Necrosis, Failed Procedures, Trauma, Genetic Diseases, etc. 

The solution includes Mandibular and Maxillary cutting guides that are necessary according to the case virtual planning. 


*FDA Approval Pending


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Scientific Publications

At TECHFIT we believe in producing quality research to further healthcare and technology. We partner with university researchers, engineers, and healthcare professionals for collaborative research.

Learn about our Materials

Learn about the different materials we use for our implants. In each case, the material is decided based on needs and surgeon preference